Farm & Garden Cultivation Consulting:

- Commercial/Residential Farms & Gardens 

   No farm too small or too big!

- Licensed Cannabis & USDA Hemp Farming

  22+ years of hands-on cultivation & project management

  10+ years of Cannabis farm consulting

  60 + Cannabis/Hemp farms: co-owned, managed, or consulted

- Soil & Water Testing

  Sampling, courier service & report interpretation

  (over 300+ tests available!)

- Fertility Programming

   Reduce your inputs through testing

   Increase your yields

   Protect your local watersheds

- Integrated Pest Management

   Pest & Pathogen ID

   Strategy & Calendar Mapping

   USDA Guidelist compliance

- Organic Transitions

   Scheduled chemical phase out

   Seasonal tilth improvement through biology & organic matter

   Organic & 3rd Party Certification compliance

"Unlike other consultants who may thrive off of ongoing issues, Erika truly encourages and works toward client success."

Wendy Mintey, COO Cannaflo Farms