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Guiding and supporting the next generation of farmers, while shaping the industry towards regenerative

farming practices

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Specializing in organics, Erika has owned, managed, or consulted full-season on over 60 farms. Her 22+ years of hands-on food and Cannabis farming are further fertilized by a B.A., certificates in Master Gardening, School Garden Coordinating, Soil Stewardship, and Horticultural Therapy. She’s consulted professionally on both conventional and organic farms for the last 11 years, spent 6 years managing/purchasing in farm/garden retail stores, and 3 years teaching organic farming to the next generation at the University of Oregon. From soil fertility to IPM mapping, Erika has facilitated over 10,000 consultations across the West Coast. 

Everbloom Consulting officially launched early 2017 to lend additional support to farmers exploring Industrial or Craft Hemp and Recreational Cannabis production. Through science and strategy, she helps her clients reduce inputs while meeting their budget and quality goals, while guiding the industry back to regenerative farming practices. Erika’s consulting focus is on cultivation management: canopy culture and care, pest and disease diagnostics/management, soil biology and fertility testing/remediation, reducing inputs, increasing yields, and transitioning to certified organic practices. 


Her programs are uniquely successful because of her decades of fieldwork, active listening skills, education excellence, and ability to relay complex information in an implementable way. Her mission is to improve the health, sustainability and productivity of farmlands, while increasing food and medicine security for

our community. 


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