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Owner & Founder Erika Winters

Specializing in organics, Erika has owned, managed, or consulted on over 60 farms. She’s consulted professionally on both conventional and organic farms for 11 years, spent 6 years managing in farm and garden retail, and 3 years teaching organic farming at the University. From soil fertility to IPM mapping, Erika has facilitated over 10,000 consultations across the West Coast. 


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Everbloom Consulting launched in 2017 to provide direct agricultural support to local farmers. Cultivation management expertise: canopy culture and care, pest and disease diagnostics and management, soil biology, fertility testing and remediation. Everbloom Consulting loves to grow with our community – teaching, editing, and consulting in the Pacific Northwest.

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Cannaflo Farms

Erika's diagnosis of a residual pathogen, clear action plan for maintenance, and strategy to eradicate during the off-season was a game-changer for us. 


Wisely Organics

Everbloom's progressive approach to soil health immediately saved us thousands of dollars, and have provided us with useful insights on our soil management.

Bloom Hill Botanicals

Everbloom's sage advice lead us to use a comprehensive IPM model that kept our field happy and healthy all the way

to harvest.